Morning Glory

This documentary on the Morning Glory Cloud was filmed by Baddog Productions and aired on SBS Television Australia. It is now available to view on YouTube.

More information on the meteorology and science of the Morning Glory cloud.

The Morning Glory Cloud was described by the Lonely Planet guide as:“the next most spectacular thing to see in the sky after a full solar eclipse”.

MG over BKT
Morning Glory Clouds about to roll over Burketown. Photograph by Jordan Westerhuis.

It happens around September and October.

Burketown (Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland, Australia)  is the best place to view it.


MG and wing
Multiple Morning Glory Clouds from the air. Photograph by Jordan Westerhuis.

More information on the meteorology of the Morning Glory cloud.


MG over lodge
Morning Glory Cloud viewed at Savannah Lodge.


Morning Glory Cloud from behind.
Morning Glory Cloud from behind over Burketown.

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